A traditional mandala is a symbol representing a circle or wholeness, a symbol of divine energy, and a symbol of the universe.
With no two Mandala's alike our Mandala has special meaning to us and all that we do

For Hospice Toronto our mandala represents the Circle of life and death, the Community in which we live and work as well as our Connection to each other as people.
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Adding Life to Days...

Started 28 years ago, Hospice Toronto is Toronto’s first volunteer and community-based, not for profit, in-home hospice palliative care program.

Since 1988, Hospice Toronto has served 11,811 clients. By providing and advancing compassionate care and leadership in the volunteer-based, home hospice community, Hospice Toronto has become a recognized leader in providing high-quality, hospice care and support for people through all phases of their life-threatening illness, and their loved ones, at no charge.

We support Adding Life to Days through our In Home, Bereavement and Children's Support Programs; Expressive Arts Therapy; Young Carers Program; and Advocacy & Consultation.

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Hospice Toronto gratefully receives funding from the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). The views expressed on this website are the views of Hospice Toronto and do not necessarily reflect those of the Toronto Central LHIN or the Government of Ontario.


In Home Support

Young Carers Program

Kit for Kids

Bereavement Support

Advocacy & Consultation

Expressive Arts Therapy

Complementary Therapy Sessions

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